Bepi Colombo Prize
Dear Colleague, 

this Announcement from the Organizing Committee of BEPICOLOMBOPRIZE is to inform you and your Institution of the publication of the Application forms for the Prize named after Professor Giuseppe Colombo, world renown space scientist who has greatly contributed to the space research in Italy and the world. The prize will focus on promoting entities and researchers that contribute to research and technological transfer among institutions and companies that consider innovation a priority.  

The competition, which has a truly global dimension, has two distinct categories: one open to researchers from any country in public and private institutions (prize of 50000 euro) and another for Italian companies (will receive an artistic trophy) that represent case studies of best practice. 

Attached is the Flyer of the Prize that You can send around to those, inside your Institution or Company, you think could also be interested in participating. 

For any information do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee: Prof. Francesco Angrilli - Dr. Giacomo Colombatti 
CISAS "G. Colombo" - Organizing Committee of BEPICOLOMBOPRIZE 
phone: +39 049 8276848 
fax: +39 049 8276855 

Deadline for presentation of the Application forms is 12:00PM, November 10th , 2008. 

You will find all the necessary Information, the Announcement of the Prize and the (downloadable) APPLICATION forms for applying at the BEPICOLOMBO Prize web site as follows: